Tips for Creating A Beach-Themed Bathroom

Beach-themed bathrooms are among the most popular choice for American households. The reason is simple. When you cannot get to the beach – either due to location or season – bringing the beach to you is the second-best option. Decorating the bathroom this way just makes sense. The beach has water, and so does the bathroom. That is why we have created this wonderful list of tips for creating a beach-themed bathroom! Check them out below.

Tips for A Beach-Themed Bathroom

·    Handmade seashell décor will give your bathroom a unique and authentic look. Handmade items are always subtly one of a kind, meaning nobody else will have those exact items.

·    Shower curtains featuring marine life or beach landscapes are perfect options.

·    Shower curtain rings featuring seashells, starfish, or dolphins are a nice subtle touch.

·    You should be able to find bathroom accessories to match your shower curtain. Accessories could include: tooth brush cup, soap holder, trash can, etc. These small items will help pull the theme together.

Handmade seashell décor

·    When choosing rugs, opt for a solid color in aqua, dark blue, tan, or light brown. You could choose the color based on preference, or what best matches the rest of your room.

·    If you want to take your decorating a step further, you can install shower tiling in the same color as your rugs or the theme of your accessories.

·    Optionally, you can choose to paint your walls or apply beach-themed wall borders. If painting, choose a different color than your rugs. For example, if your rugs are dark blue you could paint the walls aqua. Otherwise you may have a color overload.

·    Pick a new towel set to compliment your bathroom. Soft, extra-large towels in your chosen color are the perfect choice. You could have them monogrammed for a unique touch.